Access your health record

eHealthpass provides the freedom of managing your own data. Access you medical records, as well as your prescriptions. Manage your own medical data and keep track of your progress. Obtain better health for a better life!

Main features of Health are

  • View, add and delete personal medical data (e.g. diseases, allergies, medication).
  • View, download and translate medical summary from epSOS.
  • View e-prescriptions from epSOS.
  • Upload/Download documents (e.g. lab results)
  • View doctors’ reports.

Treatment plan

View, add, modify and delete treatment plans

View health progress.

Patients accomplish goals by completing every day activities

View side effects of a medication.

Patient is notified every day with a to-do list.

treatment plan


Worry your medical data are not protected? Don't be!
eHealthpass has a mechanism where you can have access to tha app only with your unique fingerprint. If fingerprint is supported in users smartphone, the users can secure their data with that way.


Connect with health professionals

Find specialists based on your health profile at home or when traveling overseas.

Search a doctor and book an appointment

Log Activity

Keep in track of your records by checking the latest activity

Import data from IoT devices

Integation with Google Fit and sHealth. Connection with Xiaomi Mi Band


Be in charge of your own data

Give/Remove consent to/from doctor.
Configure the medical data accessed by the doctor.
Set emergency info visible to the doctor.
Enable/Disable “Break the glass” mechanism.


Life saver panic button in case of an emergency

Press panic button to inform a relative for the emergency

Account settings

View/Modify personal account data

Fill in a relative’s contact information in case of emergency

Change password



Create a unique report for a patient

Manage appointments

View, confirm or decline appointments requested from patients.

Get crucial notifications

Be notified if a patient does not follow their treatment plan.

Create treatment plans

Create treatment plans for their patients and track their health progress.

View information

View information about a patient who has given consent

Search patients

Find crucial information about a patient


eHealthPass is a patient-centered solution that gives people a way to manage their health condition. There is a huge amount of medical information that are kept on hospitals, clinics or pharmacies. Information, such as doctor diagnosis, allergies, surgery history or medical prescriptions that are not accessible by the patient himself, are all gathered on an application. eHealthPass platform is an attempt to make complex, specialized health systems more manageable by putting the patient in charge of his own health record, while also making the medical details available to doctors so they can do their job. Key features include integration with electronic health records systems (EHRs) at the country level, personal information, medical prescriptions, family history, access to family members’ health records, medical record translations and secure sharing with chosen doctors. Information is kept confidential so that only patients, and chosen doctors, are able to access the patient’s medical records. This application can become very helpful in case of medical emergencies while traveling overseas and working with doctors unfamiliar with your health history. Travelers, people who are working in different countries over Europe or USA, expatriates, retirees or elderly must have their entire medical history available on demand.

Available on:   google play

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For patients

For patients

Giving patients an active role in their care.

Collaborative care planning with doctors.

Connect with specialists at home or when travelling overseas.

Automatic translations of health records.

Health specific notifications and alerts.

Family records sharing for child and elderly parent care.


For doctors

For doctors

Up-to-date knowledge of the patient’s history in emergency situations.

Eliminate duplicate medical tests or unnecessary exams by accessing patient summary records.

Improve   relationships with patients by documenting interactions during appointments.

Impact on healthcare system

Impact on healthcare system

Integrated care by connecting data and doctors across all care providers and intermediates.

Decrease medical costs by avoiding unnecessary appointments and lab tests.

Reducing unnecessary medical visits- through patient self-assessment and self-management of health.

Cross-border and consolidated health care history among countries.


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